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The idea for turbospezial came while discussing the absolute swagger of BMX bicycles and what a perfect bike it would be as an urban cruiser.Undoubtedly BMX have quite some drawbacks, the standing riding position, the inefficiency of small wheels, and the basic fact, that most people past their teens and early twenties simply look stupid riding the city on a BMX…Nevertheless, the basic idea really resonated, so we started to design a 24” cruiser bike, added a motor, hid the battery in the saddle and created a bike that citates the original classic lines of BMX origins while being timeless and modern at the same time.

turbospezial is an electric bike, that finally meets the requirements of fashion and lifestyle minded people. With turboesque acceleration and superior agility it’s also an absolute blast to ride. Simply said it’s BMX feeling. Electric Speed. Last but not least, the bike is proper german engineering, with proper bike parts. Our dream is to build the ultimate bike and accessories to navigate cities worldwide. One day we’d be thrilled to conquer cities worldwide and see the bike on the streets of Tokyo, London, New York, Paris, Hong Kong, LA.
Electric bmx
Gwinnerstraße 42
60388 Frankfurt
The reinvention of a Legend
BMX are undoubtedly some of the most iconic bikes. When BMX started in the early 1970s and children drew inspiration from the motocross superstars of the time and began customizing and racing their bicycles on dirt tracks in Southern California, they created a style that  today is still very present. Later BMX Freestyle was created by racers who enjoyed pushing the stylistic limits of what they could do on their bikes. The popularity of the sport has increased over past years.
Kids of the seventies have grown up, so has BMX. But unfortunately some of the BMX spirit these kids have created has been lost over time - pushing BMX more into a niche sport. turbospezial aims to transfer this rare spirit of BMX into the present. turbospezial reinvented the classic BMX, added comfort & speed to bring the swag of classic BMX into the future and create the grown-up BMX.